Investigative journalists gather in Auckland in November, 2015

Happy to report that there’s going to be there was a mini-conference on investigative journalism in Auckland in November, 2015. The inaugural Auckland gathering of the New Zealand Centre for Investigative Journalism built on the success of two fantastic annual conferences run by Nicky Hager, Keith Ng and Dr James Hollings. Those conferences were so good that […]

Bookmarks for August 25, 2015

NZ’s first ever Manufacturing Accelerator opens for business | Lightning Lab Organic surfboards, wireless outdoor motion capture among NZ’s first hardware startups in Manufacturing Accelerator Dear John | Rowan Simpson Dear John: an open letter to John Key from Rowan Simpson asking for Red Peak to be included in the top four. Obama […]

Japanese supply ship delivers 5 tons of goodies to International Space Station

A Japanese supply craft successfully docked with the International Space Station this week to deliver around 5 tons of supplies. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency’s (JAXA) “Kounotori” H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-5) arrived at the International Space Station Aug. 24 to deliver almost five tons of supplies and scientific experiments to the Expedition 44 crew. The cargo vehicle […]

Bookmarks for August 19, 2015

  The Big Read: Downfall of a drug smuggler – National – NZ Herald News Downfall of a drug smuggler. @jaredsavageNZH does a nice job on this story about pseudoephedrine supplier. Adorable Puppies Become Wise Adult Dogs in Heartwarming Side-By-Side Portraits – My Modern Met Photographer Amanda Jones beautifully documents the lives of dogs […]

Bookmarks for August 17, 2015

Reddit Bans CoonTown, Quarantines Offensive Subreddits | Variety Reddit took a first step toward more hands-on content policing Wednesday by unveiling a new content policy that bans illegal speech, harassment and bullying. The company also started to instate war… Further changes to suicide reporting proposed | Radio New Zealand News MPs have backed a significant […]

The road to Timbuktu

I was mystified by the vein-like red line on the Google Earth image below until I checked it out and found it was a main road heading into Timbuktu. Mali really looks extraordinary. The image appeared in a new tab in my browser courtesy of a fabulous Chrome extension called Earth View From Google Earth.  

The governance gaps that armed insurgents fill

A brief but interesting TED talk by policy analyst Benedetta Berti about when and why armed groups (insurgents, militias, terrorists) get involved in politics and start providing social services. The slide below illustrates her point that war has changed; it less often involves a state fighting a state. “Of the 216 peace agreements signed between 1975 and 2011, […]